iPhone and Mac Keynote thoughts

Posted: January 15, 2008 in Personal

Here I sit eating dinner at Panera, using the free wifi. Steve Job’s keynote was this afternoon and I totally didn’t follow it the way I usually do. Work is getting crazy, I have to bring my A-game now. Plus I took a long lunch to help Patty figure out what we could do with Connor, who was sent home sick from day care. We got a sitter just in time for me to make my 2:00 meeting. Man, I really need to do some work-from-home-New-Media gig fast!

I’ve spent a few days with my new iPhone. I must say I really like it. I am adding things to my calendar and can already tell that I can be more productive. Plus, mobile internet and twitter doesn’t bother me one bit.

Apple made a whole slew of announcements today. Maybe I will get to watch the keynote tonight, or tomorrow. The rumored ultra portable MacBook is now out and I have no envy what so ever. It’s not beefy enough for me to drool over, but I must say it looks pretty freaking cool. I must say I am way more excited about the iPhone firmware update. I can’t wait to get home from the Mac User’s group tonight to update.


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