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Crazy Life = Back to Blogging

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Personal

I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting this blog up again.  A quick look at some of the posts will show you a lot of dead links, thus the site needs some desperate TLC.  I’m glad to say that I am going to continue blogging from this site and make a strong effort to keep it current.

When I originally started blogging, it was very much family related with a mix of social media topics.  I’m going to keep to that format.  A lot in my life has changed and is very crazy, so I may rant a bit but I am going to vow to keep it on the positive side.

So why is life so crazy and why return to blogging you may ask?  When I started blogging I was married and just wanted to show off my life with my kids to family.  I am now divorced and unemployed.  It is ok.  Aside from missing my kids I am much happier person and I feel it makes me a better father to them.  Plus I have some amazing people in my personal life too (you know who you are).  With a lot of changes in my life, I feel this is a perfect time to start being creative, vent a little, and get some blog posts out there.  Of course the little guys will make lots of appearances here as well.


Mobile test post

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Personal

So I downloaded WordPress for iPhone and upgraded to WP 2.6. This is my first attempt at a mobile post. It’s not too bad. I thought it would be worse writing from the iPhone’s touch screen. The hardest part was upgrading the version in GoDaddy’s hard to use interface.

Anyway I realize I have been a bad blogger and I am going to make an effort not to leave this alone for so long. Who knows… Maybe I’ll even get a reader or two. 🙂

Connor Does ABC’s yet again

Posted: November 1, 2008 in Personal

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PodCamp Eve

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Personal
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Well, it is the eve of PodCamp Philly. I drove in to stay at my parents today and have to say I am really excited. It will be great to catch up with some friends and meet new ones for the first time in real life. I realize I haven’t been blogging (or Utterz-ing) much, but that is going to change and I am hoping this podcamp is just the thing to get me started. My wife and kids will be chillaxing with my parents and then we’ll be going to meet an old friend after dinner.

Not sure if I am bringing the laptop or not, on account of the rain, but I’ll have the mobile with me and of course will be twittering along the way. If you’re at podcamp and want to meet up, just drop me a line at bpolensky at gmail dot com!

Funny Songs about… Twitter

Posted: August 31, 2008 in Personal
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Weekend Project

Posted: August 10, 2008 in Personal