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PodCamp Eve

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Personal
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Well, it is the eve of PodCamp Philly. I drove in to stay at my parents today and have to say I am really excited. It will be great to catch up with some friends and meet new ones for the first time in real life. I realize I haven’t been blogging (or Utterz-ing) much, but that is going to change and I am hoping this podcamp is just the thing to get me started. My wife and kids will be chillaxing with my parents and then we’ll be going to meet an old friend after dinner.

Not sure if I am bringing the laptop or not, on account of the rain, but I’ll have the mobile with me and of course will be twittering along the way. If you’re at podcamp and want to meet up, just drop me a line at bpolensky at gmail dot com!